How Instruct Suite works

Instruct Suite includes everything you need to create, assign and track training

Create Training

Create personalized training courses using any of our tools. 
Create training in any of our course creation tools.
We recommend uploading an existing PowerPoint file to get started.

Add People

Invite people to your organization. 
Add learners, create groups or manage permissions any time.

Assign Training

Assign courses to individuals or entire groups.  
Learners can view their assignments and other training published in your account.

Track Results

View assignments and progress for all training.
Review pending and overdue assignments. 
View any attempt to view additional details such slides visited, question answers, survey results, and more.

Create PowerPoint Courses

Upload any PowerPoint file to create an online training course.

Our automated software will convert your PowerPoint into a mobile friendly course.

We support videos, audio narrations, animations, branching, interactions and more.

Add people, assign courses and  track results.

Create your own personalized courses, quizzes and presentations.

The ultimate toolbox for online training

Start creating web and mobile friendly quizzes, courses and other training content with ease